Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Cultural Beauty of a Celtic Engagement Ring

The beauty, intricate designs and symbolism of the Claddagh engagement ring and other Celtic engagement rings has built a following among many young couples today. In a world of turmoil, confusion and duplicity, many of the younger generations are revisiting their roots for direction and guidance. The Irish community is rich in mythology, spiritualism and cultural beliefs. The Celtic engagement ring is a sign of deeply held family customs and beliefs.

A Sentimental Gift is Found in the Celtic Engagement Ring

The Celtic engagement rings are known for the sentiment that is symbolized in each ring. The designer usually bases the design of each ring on a wedding sentiment such as "love for all eternity", "tying the knot" and some other sentiments of love. Then the ring is designed to match and is named after the emotion or sentiment. Most rings have some sort of knot shape or combination of knots to symbolize the union of two lives. The most popular style of Celtic engagement ring is the Claddagh engagement ring.

The Claddagh is Rich in Irish Folklore

The Claddagh is the symbol for the Republic of Ireland, a design that is deeply embedded in the Irish folklore. The image on the ring is that of two hands surrounding a heart with a royal crown placed directly above the heart. The design symbolizes the welcoming hands of a marriage union; a strong and loving heart and the crown represent the proud people of Ireland.

Many Believe Irish Design isn't "Irish" Unless it's Made in Ireland

There is a common held belief that jewelry made in the Irish design isn't real if it wasn't made in Ireland. There are specific regions in Ireland that are responsible for custom design. So a couple shopping for the symbolism, sentiment and beauty of a true Celtic engagement ring would want to access Irish internet web sites or a visit to a jeweler of Irish heritage. However, keep in mind that in many traditional Irish circles, it is considered bad manners to wear the Claddagh if you are not of Irish descent.

The Claddagh Engagement Ring is Rich in the Irish Culture

The Claddagh Celtic engagement ring usually doubles as the wedding band. While the Claddagh engagement ring is available in a wide variety of styles, the specification to how it is to be worn is absolute. The importance of Claddagh Celtic engagement ring is significant with how it is worn on the young woman's hand. When a woman wears a Claddagh ring, she must turn the heart inwards if she is unmarried and change the direction of the heart upon becoming betrothed. The heart facing outward tells the world that she is bound is marriage and has given her heart away.


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